Thursday, June 6, 2019

Norfolk Southern BethGons

Wow I can't believe how long it's been since I posted anything on this blog! What with my work schedule, kids, now grand kids, house, wife, etc, I haven't had much hobby time over the past 9 months. Now that summer is finally here (it snowed two weeks ago) I can finally get back to the workbench.

I've always been a fan of the Southern/Norfolk Southern since it ran close to my home near Erlanger, KY. These five Athearn Bethlehem coalporters were originally painted for the Union Pacific. I thought I might "redeem" them with some 91% alchohol, a few q-tips, and some Tamiya spray paint. Microscale recommends using Model Master Light Ghost Gray for the paint color but since I didn't feel like cleaning the airbrush again I thought I'd give the Tamiya spray paints a try. The Tamiya spray paints work great, they're not too thick and they lay down very well. Nothing was close to the Model Master color in the regular line of spray paints, however their primer color is a close enough match so that's what I went with. Once dry I go over it with Testors Glosscote and then it's ready for decals. Maybe I'll build a small coal branch in HO to scratch this itch...

Monday, July 30, 2018

Colorado Refer

Here is a D&RGW 30' "short" refrigerator car #50 in the 1930's paint scheme. This of course was built from a PBL kit, painted with Star brand freight car red and refer yellow.  I didn't mask the car when I painted it, I simply angled it away from me when spraying the corners and the roof edges. I weathered it using a wash of foundation and ink.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge

Here are six SP narrow gauge cars I built for a client. There are three Type I cars and three Type III cars. These were built from PBL kits and painted with Star Brand SP Sunburst Red. While the car bodies are pretty much the same between the two types, the main differences are the trucks, the brake rigging underneath and use of end doors on the Type I cars. Also, many of the Type III cars actually lacked retainers. What I found interesting about these cars is their lack of turnbuckles on the truss rods.
When it came time to number these cars I had to do a bit of research. I found out that just about all the freight cars on the SP were acquired from other railroads such as the Carson and Colorado. Also, in 1946, the SP re-numbered all it's narrow gauge rolling stock. Prior to 1946, the boxcars wore a three digit number. After 1946, they were all changed to two digit numbers. The other big difference was the herald. After the 1946 re-numbering, the herald was not reapplied.
The SP narrow gauge historical society has some excellent resources online. Researching their archives was especially helpful:

Type I Cars

Type III Cars

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

New Additions 4-25-18

Here are two new cars I shot in a west bound train, long refer #168 and a 6500 series flat car #6521. I learned that painting long refrigerator cars is a big pain in the neck; black on the under frame, refer yellow on the sides and freight car red on the roof and ends.  The load on the flat is actually an HO scale laser kit but it works in Sn3.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

String of Five

Here are five cars that I've finished for Jack. Now if I could only find time to build some for me...

5900 Series Stock Cars

Here are two 5900 Series stock cars that I built for Jack Vansworth of Division Point. Jack has made the move back to modeling in Sn3...good choice.  He asked me to build a few cars for him, so I've been busy expanding his fleet.
These cars are always fun to build, like all PBL kits. They go together well with minimal flash to clean up and they have all the parts of the prototype. Since the instructions can be a bit "wordy", I keep one set that I've made all of my notes on. These were finished with Star paints and lightly weathered with Floquil washes.