Friday, March 29, 2013

Track and Scenery
I finally got the tracks in on the north end of Elizabethtown (Chama), now engines can be serviced as per the prototype.  I also built the ramp to the coaling tower as well as "sinking" the ash pit.  The ramp was made out of three pieces of homosote glued together.  I ripped it to width on the table saw and then after I drew the angle on the side, I cut the angle on the bandsaw.  Then I made cuts every half inch to make it bendable.

Though not on the original plan, I was able to fit the "sheep dip" track in, this will serve as the rip track.  Once all the track was laid, I added some basic scenery.  Now I just need to paint the backdrop, then I can start adding cottonwoods.

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