Friday, March 29, 2013

A Little Foreground Scenery
I added this photo to show some of the foreground scenery I've been working on.  The rocks and dirt were collected just west of Denver from a cut on Highway 285.  Back in the fall I took an afternoon to harvest scenery materials.  After picking up several 5 gallon buckets at Home Depot I headed towards the mountains.  Modeling Colorado is easy when you live here.  By using an old flour sifter I get most of the bigger pieces out, then using two different sizes of screen I can get the dirt down to a fine powder.  The bushes are Woodland Scenics dead and olive green foliage.
The caboose model is a PBL kit that took first place at last year's Sn3 Symposium in Albuquerque, NM.  A brakeman can be seen through the window and the conductor on the rear platform was painted to look like Ron Keiser who worked for 20 years for the Durango and Silverton.  I had a lot of fun detailing the interior with pots and pans on the stove, paperwork on the desk, etc.
I also finished up the trackwork at the mine.  It has been ballasted and I've started the scenery in that area also.  Once I finish the backdrop, I'll start adding a lot more rocks and ground cover to the slope, plus add in a few trees.

Track and Scenery
I finally got the tracks in on the north end of Elizabethtown (Chama), now engines can be serviced as per the prototype.  I also built the ramp to the coaling tower as well as "sinking" the ash pit.  The ramp was made out of three pieces of homosote glued together.  I ripped it to width on the table saw and then after I drew the angle on the side, I cut the angle on the bandsaw.  Then I made cuts every half inch to make it bendable.

Though not on the original plan, I was able to fit the "sheep dip" track in, this will serve as the rip track.  Once all the track was laid, I added some basic scenery.  Now I just need to paint the backdrop, then I can start adding cottonwoods.