Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mount ?
I finally got around to finishing one side of the mountain over the helix.  I hadn't been working on the layout over the past month or so, I was trying to find a vehicle I could start four wheeling in.  I did finally buy an older 4runner that I want to take up in the mountains as soon as the snow melts.  Chasing the Cumbres and Toltec between Antonito and Osier will be much easier now, anyway that's another story.
To get out of my "funk" I called my friend Gerald on a Thursday night a few weeks ago.  Since he wasn't doing anything on his layout that night either, he came over and we slung some plaster around.  I really do enjoy working with the Bragdon molds.  They are so flexible you can form them anywhere.  Well it was just what I needed to get moving again.  We got the one side finished, save for a couple of small molds to fill in some gaps.  After a few days I started coloring the rocks using washes as I had before.  I did manage to paint and add some dirt to the smooth areas, it's not finished by any means, but it's a good start.
Now that I have the rockwork finished on this side, I need to start the rock work over the tunnel.  That will take a bit more effort.
Now I just need to name the mountain, something along the lines of canine, pooch, etc., any ideas?


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  1. Helix Peak ( :
    Let me know if you want company on your 4X4 adventures!