Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday Progress

Here is the result after four different color washes on the rock work.  I added coats two and three on Friday and coat four on Saturday morning.  Each one completely drying before the next.  I also painted the bare plaster and added dirt from my bucket o' dirt from Gunnison.  The tunnel portal was to be scratchbuilt, however since the Woodland Scenics portal was close to what I was going to build, I went that way instead.  I did cut it down so it would fit Sn3.  I painted and installed it before I started the rockwork.  I will eventually add the inside of the tunnel, building something out of strip wood.  It's easily accessible from inside the helix. While it is nowhere near being finished, it certainly looks way better than it did a few days ago.  All the basic scenery is now finished on the upper level.  I hope to start adding ground cover, rocks and trees soon.  The water tank in the photo is a stand-in.  It's a model of the tank at Telluride.  It will be replaced once I get around to building one of the several tank kits I have from Crystal River. 

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