Thursday, October 24, 2013

Flat Car #2

After building car #6201, I went ahead and built the other 6200 series flat car kit I had, car #6217.  I did a couple things different on this car.  Instead of using the plastic turnbuckle assembly included in the kit, I used brass turnbuckles instead.  I also painted the deck differently. While I still used the "smoke" colored Vallejo paint, I didn't use as much.  Then I painted on a couple washes of Modelflex weathered black instead of the ink.  I got more of a weathered wood look that I think looks better.
Since I'm in a flat car mode, I think I'll start on the two 6300 series flat car kits I have on the shelf.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Flat Car

I finished up a PBL flat car kit today.  This was a kit I purchased at the Sn3 Symposium in Albuquerque a year and a half ago.  Now there's room on the shelf to buy another kit.
This was a fun kit to build; the newer PBL kits include brake rigging and turnbuckels molded in plastic. However I still opted to use brass wire for the trussrods.  I don't like using fishing line. For me they either won't keep the paint on, or they eventually sag.  Plus they remind me that I'm not spending enough time on the S Platte River fishing for trout!
The kit went together well, as all PBL kits do.  For the deck, this was the first time I had painted styrene to look like wood.  The deck comes molded in a shiny tan color to look like natural wood.  I had thought of just using basswood and staining it, nothing looks like wood except wood they say, but I figured I should give it a shot.
Well, I was pleasantly surprised.  After some good modeling tips from my friend Gerald Stlyes, I think the deck turned out just fine.  Using a plumbers brush to scribe the grain, some Vallejo paint and India ink, I'm pretty happy with the results.  Here are two photos, the first is right out of the workshop, the second is after some dust and a flat finish.