Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Flat Car #3

The flat car syndrome continues.  I finished up #6312 today with some weathering.  When I did the deck, I tried a different technique. After graining the deck with a plumbers brush and adding two Vallejo smoke washes and two washes of Modelflex weathered black, using a fiberglass eraser, I lightly went over the decking.  I was surprised at how well it highlighted the grain.  I think it worked better than drybrushing.
That's the story I'm using.  Actually I had overweathered the deck and I wasn't happy with the way it looked, so I used the fiberglas eraser to remove some of the wash.
Once I had cleaned it up, I went over it again with the black wash. It took just a little more time but I'm glad I re-did my work.  I wouldn't have been happy with just "good enough" on this car.  My friend Derrell Poole is correct, most good modeling is 10% talent and 90% tenacity.
Although the phone camera doesn't take the best photos, I think you can still see the effects.  It looks much better in person.  I'm also glad I built the two #6200 series flats first since this kit doesn't come with directions.  It does come with a large color coded drawing.  An option is to buy the DVD that PBL has for this kit. Since I've built a "few" of their kits I was just fine.


  1. Another stellar Flat Car!

    Your technique sounds like fun. I do a lot of weathering with an airbrush but I think I've gotten into a rut with that. I need to agitate a little plastic and mix things up a little more.

    Hey thanks for the Coal Car!

  2. I'm sure you are just building up the fleet for our next operating session correct?

  3. That's a great looking flatcar, and I love how the deck looks after all that work. I'm also pretty impressed by the quality of photo your phone took, so if it looks better in person, then double-wow!