Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Since it's been so stinking cold here in Denver, I've spent the last two weeks of free time huddled up in my office building some PBL tank car kits.  One is a narrow frame tank car kit and the other is a "Gramps" frameless tank kit.  I think the frameless tank kit took longer since all of the piping is exposed, there's no place to hide anything.  They're not terribly difficult to build, they just take some time.  The most important step is to sand the parting lines on the top. I usually finish by wet sanding the joint. Eventually I'll get around to painting them.
I bought the Gramps tank kit from my late, good friend Robert Sander's estate. There were quite a few parts missing so I ended up scavenging parts from another Gramps kit that I have.  I'll have PBL send some replacment parts.  PBL is supposed to do a run of these cars in the near future.


  1. Nice!
    Thought about Robert a lot lately.

  2. There is a Rumor going around that you actually DO paint cars.... sometimes. I donno.

    Flat cars don't really count - sorta like painting the edge of the barn door; needs to be done, I guess, but no body notices. (Nice weathering, btw - that ain't paint.)

    How many unpainted cars do you have now? Betcha I got more....

    Hey they really do look good. I like tank cars. They are so round; so... so cylinnnnndrical. Nice job. Can't wait to see them painted and lettered 'n' sich.