Sunday, June 8, 2014


Well, the time has come, time for a new layout.  This one has served it's purpose, lot's of fun to operate, lot's of fun just watching the trains go around.  The new layout is already in the planning stages.  Although it will be designed on the prototype, I still may take a few liberties.
I'm still a fan of double deck layouts, but I hope I don't have another helix to connect the two levels.  It's boring to just stand there for 4-5 minutes until the train comes out at the top.  I do plan on using a helix to and from staging, and continuous running however.
I'll be taking a break between layouts, during that time I'm going to try and get some structures built for the new pike, that and get some home improvement projects done that have been on the back burner.

The following images may be offensive.  Viewer Discretion is strongly advised.

Now for Legos and Ping Pong.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

New Photos

My friend Gerald came over to take some shots of the layout. Here are a few that I took along the way.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

50,000 Gallon Tank

This is the new PBL water tank kit they came out with during the narrow gauge convention in Pasadena. It's been a fun project so far and I'm looking forward to adding a few more of these to the layout once this one is completed. The base is finished.  I've scribed the joists and bents to look like wood, hopefully it will show up once it's painted and weathered. I'm sure that the most time consuming task will be the add the hoops around the tank. The tank body is made up of 4 parts cast in ABS and Jimmy Booth did a great job on the tooling. You can see each and every board on the tank. The roof is a one piece casting. Besides this octagon roof kit, there is also a round roof version, and with the additional parts that are included you could make just about any water tank on the narrow gauge. PBL also plans to come out with a kit to motorize the spout. This is starting to sound like a commercial...  sorry for the camera angle, the proportions really are spot on.