Friday, January 15, 2016

1st Cumbres Turn

Here's a video of the first train with a helper. I'll admit I was pretty nervous running a train like this without scenery (nothing to stop the train from hitting the floor should gravity take over). This has given me a big incentive to get more of the mainline finished. I can't wait to actually run a train from Chama to Cumbres!


  1. Wow!

    So. a 10 car train with three "wheel deficient" 2-8-0s on the C&S is about 7.5 feet long. How many cars were in this train. And is either of the engines the one we balanced a few years ago?

  2. This train has 15 cars and the rear locomotive is #481, the one that was balanced. The grade is less than 3%. I'm going to do more testing to see how many cars my other engines can pull. I may even change the profile a bit to make the grade steeper since #481 can probably pull 20 cars by itself!

  3. Outstanding, happy that you running trains again!