Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Ready to Paint

I have been accused by some of my closest "friends" of building freight cars but never painting them. The conversation usually goes something like; "Gee Patrick when are you going to actually FINISH the cars you build?" Now it is true that I have several dozen PBL kits that are built but not painted, decaled or weathered, but I have had an excuse for the last two years.  Tearing down a layout, moving, building a new layout (all the priorities of course) has put the car department on hold.

Well, there are no more excuses now. Tuesday afternoon was spent putting new electric on the spray booth and hooking it up with new ducting. The old method was a simple matter of turning on the light switch and both the light and blower went on. Now however, there is a separate switch for the light and blower, plus I've added an outlet so the air compressor is always ready. This is connected to the new electric I put in my work room where with one switch I turn off all the electric power to everything around the workbench.  I also added a dryer draft vent on top of the blower, so when the booth is off a damper closes to keep cold air out. The booth was built using a sheet of available plywood I had on hand years ago, not ever sure what size it was. No plans, just what looked right. I also added a light to the inside. The cabinet it sits on was cut down from an old desk I got from a Denver Public School sale. That's a story in and of itself.

Now where did I leave all those assembled kits?...