Sunday, April 24, 2016

Modelers License

I've had this mill for several years and I was determined to put it on the layout somewhere. I know that this kit is not a prototype (it's the Burnside Mill from Finestkind) and I also know that there weren't any stamp mills along the D&RGW main line. I still think it's cool, plus it adds revenue for the railroad. I spent some time Friday and Saturday adding an elevated track to serve the mill near the top of the grade.

The photo also shows the C-19 #340 I've been working on (I really need to stop using my phone and get out the Canon SLR). It needed some TLC; a few parts were missing or broken and the weathering wasn't in the best shape. It was a PBL Foreground model so it did have PFM sound.
I installed a Tsunami and TCS KA1 in the tender and put a TCS FL4 in the boiler for the lights. I like using this arrangement because this requires only 4 wires between the boiler and tender. Once the locomotive was put together, I fixed the broken parts, made some new ones, touched up the weathering and added a few details. By the way, a PBL Hot-tip is a must for working on brass! Even though this is a late Samhongsa model, it runs like a champ.