Saturday, June 25, 2016

Stick with the plan!

I spent over a year designing the track plan for my new basement, only to change it (on a whim) when I was overcome with stupidity.  Well, after another two months of rebuilding, the layout is back on track per the original plan. I'm back building Jakes Creek instead of the following the prototype.

I've lowered the staging yard on the peninsula four inches (one more helix turn) so now the staging yard is way more accessible. No more reaching in and knocking over cars. I've finished running the buss wiring on the three levels and have started adding feeders.  The track work is by no means finished but at least the main line is in.  The second peninsula won't be started for several more years, for now I'm leaving one side of the basement open. Still left to do is to design and build the yard, add a track near the stock pens for the branch and relocate the coal mine and add the track. Plus I still need the build the bench work for the large mill at the end of the branch, per the original plan.

However, I can now run a train from the "yard" up to the town of Jakes Creek, do all the switching, turn the locomotive and run back to the yard. This all takes about an hour. An operating session should require about 4-5 people. This will include two separate branch runs, the coal mine, plus all the trains on the lower level.  


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  1. Geez! I need to get over here more often. What beautiful bench work! Seriously.

    Now for the big question; is this going to be ready for 2017 NNGC? You need to stay off the roof and in the basement!