Saturday, July 15, 2017

February 2014 Revisit

Back in February of 2014, I posted an in progress photo of a water tank kit I bought from PBL. However, when I started adding the hoops to the tank, my enthusiasm died and it went into the box to be finished later. Adding the hoops involves soldering every tensioner to a piece of wire. Every hoop has two tensioners. There are 23 hoops plus four holes per hoop get drilled in the tank body for each hoop. So after 3 1/2 years...
I'm not sure what motivated me to finish this, but I'm glad I did. Buying a house from foreclosure means lots of renovating, and while I have had some time to start building the layout, I haven't taken any time to do any modeling. I found that I've really been missing out. One of the biggest reasons I enjoy modeling in Sn3 is just that, modeling. I'd forgotten just how much I enjoy building things.
So here I my version of Monero Water Tank. The point on the roof lines up with the spout, it has a straight ladder that is towards the back, plus it's ladder supports are attached to the tank body not the base.  It has hoops that go up to the right and a ball finial.
I found a photo of this tank in the Durango book by Dorman and one in "The Thunder of the their Passing". There's also a shot in the Colorado water tank book, but it was taken in the 1930's.
I hope someday to build the tank at Durango, however that tank has three tensioners per hoop. That one will take some motivation to start, er, finish.