Saturday, September 16, 2017

6300 Series Flat Car

The narrow gauge convention is over and now I can get back to modeling? Well sort of...
Putting on a national narrow gauge convention is not just a lot of work before it starts, there's also a lot to do once it's over. I did get the auction paperwork finished and the funds sent off to the Narrow Gauge Preservation Fund. I got the final shirts ordered and I'm in the process of sending those out (we were shorted on our shirt order), etc, etc. So slowly I'm getting back to the workbench.
This morning I put the final touches on an unlettered 6300 series PBL flat car kit that was built by Randy Smith. Randy is an excellent modeler, so finishing this car was a breeze. The car body was painted freight car red and the deck was painted a dark tan color.
The first step was to "grain" the plastic deck with a plumbers wire brush to give it a wooden appearance. After giving it a light sanding I masked off the car and re-painted the deck a lighter color. Then I painted on several washes made from Valejo paint, alternating the boards.
To letter the car I used several older sheets of San Juan and Thinfilm decals that I had in the scrap box, there were enough to finish the car. After the decals were set with Solveset, I let everything dry overnight. This morning I sprayed on a light wash of earth to the car body and the deck, then a coat of flat sealed everything. I painted the wheels with PBL Neolube and now the car is ready for service.


  1. Wow. More than I've done lately.

    Nice paint job.

    Lets see...

    You can paint cars. and you can build cars. Can you do both to the SAME car> Arf!

    BTW I see scenery! Scenery on the layout. Does this mean you've gotten more done?

  2. Nice, Patrick. Excellent scenery too!