Thursday, December 28, 2017

Flat #6542

I have to admit, I had fun building this flat car. The photo doesn't do the decking justice, it looks much darker in person. I used the same techniques as the 6300 series flat I did earlier. It's really hard to tell that the deck is plastic. One of the big reasons I like Sn3 is the fact that there are so many kits available, plus you can still have an operating layout.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Layout Update 12-26-17

Just thought I'd show a few photos of the layout in it's current form. The new peninsula and helix are finished. Gato is on the upper level and Ignacio is on the lower. I haven't finished laying track in either location but I do have trains running on the main. The other photo shows a rough idea how the yard will be laid out. I'll eventually fill in the middle of the basement with a large peninsula with Durango on the lower level and Monero above it, but that should be a few years down the road.