Monday, January 29, 2018

Ready for the Yard

Since I still have kids living at home, my plan is to wait on filling in the middle of the basement with the layout. Currently it goes around the room and there is a large table for puzzles and a ping pong table instead of Durango and Monero. In the meantime, I have plenty of things to do to keep me occupied. The eventual design of the yard at Durango will be as the prototype, sort of a boomerang with the depot in the bend. But for now, the yard will be laid out 30' feet long with the engine facilities at the end with a reverse loop behind the roundhouse. 
Knowing that this may be ripped out in 5-6 years, I'm debating on whether I should just use flextrack or handlay it, or at least handlay the turnouts. If anyone has been in this situation I'd like to hear feedback.
This weekend I had time to pick up 4 sheets of homosote, this stuff is $35 now, and I finished up the benchwork where the loop will be.  Since Sunday was a nice day, I cut the homosote outside then screwed down all 4 sheets.  Here is a photo of the yard ready for laying out the yard tracks.

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