Saturday, August 15, 2020

New Direction

 For the very few that view this blog, much less follow, you may be interested to know that I've decided to take a new direction with my modeling. Since the move to the new house several years ago, I've actually built two different versions of an Sn3 layout, chaired a national convention, built dozens of freight cars  (many for customers) and I've worked on and repaired several brass locomotives. However about 2-3 years ago, I decided that I could enjoy the hobby just as much going back to HO scale. While the models are certainly nowhere near the quality level as PBL (nothing compares to PBL), I realized it's just a hobby and not a museum.

I will admit that I've had a tough time deciding just what to model in HO. It's easy for the most part, so much is available for just about any railroad. Most narrow gauge layouts fall into one of two categories, D&RGW or RGS. Although there are a small few that would venture into SP narrow gauge, my friend Derrell Poole would remind me that only the purest and truest of narrow gauge fans model the C&S. So after a few small adventures with the Rio Grande, UP and Norfolk Southern, I've decided that I'm really happiest going back to my roots. Several years before I was bit by the narrow gauge bug, I had a somewhat respectable 40x22 layout modeling the L&N in the later 1970's with all the CTC signals, operating sessions, etc. While I don't want revisit that era, I have decided to do something similar, only moving the time frame up about 10 years. Like most modelers, modeling what I grew up with gives a sense of connection I guess, sort of a time machine.  My hope is that the few of you that do view my rare postings will not cast me out and will continue to check in from time to time.  I do have trains running and I can do a bit of switching, however I don't quite have a finalized track plan. Once I do, I'll try and post it.  In the meantime I'm re-stenciling freight cars and locomotives to fit into a 1988-1991 time period for CSX. 

Next project is to update a Chessie GP40-2.

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