Saturday, January 23, 2021

Clinchfield #57020

This goes back a few years, maybe 2005. Here's a photo of my first scratch built hopper, a Bethlehem 4 bay 100 ton hopper, Clinchfield #57020. I don't remember how long this took but it was a fun project. The old Herald King decals probably took as long to settle down as it did to build it. For weight I added fishing weights between the bays underneath the car. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

UMP #6455

Happy New Year. Here are two more hoppers for the layout, nothing special, simply two Bowser hoppers out of the box with the addition of added cut levers. However, I'm wondering why there is a colored section near the bottom of the corner post on the UMP hopper. I first noticed this in an Everett Young photo of these cars in Shelby, KY. I've seen several Chessie hoppers that have this same marking albeit in blue. Please make a comment if you know what this is for. Thanks.