Monday, February 15, 2021

C&O #160103

C&O #160103 started out as an undecorated Bowser 3 bay 100 ton hopper kit. Besides building the kit and adding cut levers, I cut off the existing grab irons on the left sides of the car and right sides of the ends and added strip styrene and .12 wire to more accurately model the prototype car. There is one thing that I did try that I'll never do again. Instead of painting the car flat black and repainting with a clear gloss, I tried painting with gloss black and adding decals. Either this technique just doesn't work or the decals I had weren't the best, I could not get the decal film to disappear, even after 9-10 applications of Solve-set. Oh well, lesson learned.

                                           Here is a William Rogerson photo of the real thing: 

Here is my version:

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